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The Environmental and Social energias-renovables-eolica-energia-solar-fotovoltaicaSafeguards Framework (ESSF) provides general policies, guidelines, codes of practice and procedures
to be integrated into the implementation of the Access to Sustainable Energy Project (ASEP) implemented by Local Government Unit
Guarantee Corporation (LGUGC) and supported by the World Bank (WB). This ESSF has been developed to ensure compliance with WB
safeguards policies and appropriate national laws.

The objective of the ESSF is to ensure that activities under the proposed guarantee operations will:

  • Protect human health;
  • Prevent or compensate any loss of assets and/or livelihood;
  • Minimize environmental degradation as a result of either individual subprojects or their cumulative effects;
  • Minimize impacts on cultural property; and
  • Enhance positive environmental and social outcomes.
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